Self service solutions let your customers interact when they want to

Put the customer in charge of how they choose to buy, browse or pay with our SpaceServ and SafeGuard product suites, which provide secure mounting solutions for a variety of self-checkout, assisted sales and click & collect in-store applications. Free up your sales and checkout teams. Let them become more mobile and able to provide enhanced customer service wherever you do business!

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SpacePole SafeGuard™

The SafeGuard range of tablet ready enclosures provide protective, easy-to-use systems designed to maximise a tablet’s comfort and purpose. This stylish mounting solution is the option of choice for allowing customer operated kiosk applications, information points, product look up and much more, all at the touch of a tablet secured in an aesthetic SafeGuard enclosure.

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SpacePole SpaceServ

The modularity of SpaceServ makes it easily customisable and thus suitable for multiple self-service applications, such as stand-alone kiosk info points or wall mounted pay stations as well as self-checkout, where, for example, a basket and bagging module is available.

It is specifically designed for use with the SpacePole range of products, the unit has a small footprint, making it ideal for environments where space is traditionally at a premium.