S-Frame secure aluminium enclosure and mount for wide range of popular tablet devices

S-Frame is a high quality aluminium enclosure and mounting system with a secure lock. Ideal for stand-alone or attended applications, it cleverly incorporates a replaceable range of sleeves to fit a broad selection of tablet devices.

s-frame product range

S-Frame configuration

S-Frame is compatible with a wide range of mounts for wherever you want to use your tablet. Desk, wall, floor and POS stand are all options.

Step 1: Select S-Frame enclosure locking option

s-frame front lock

Front casing lock

  • SPSF001 – Front casing lock S-Frame
s-frame rear lock

Rear casing lock

  • SPSF002 – Rear casing lock S-Frame

Step 2: Choose your tablet device insert

k-frame tablet enclosure insert

Apple iPad

  • SPINS001-nn – iPad 2,3 & 4
  • SPINS046-nn – iPad Air
  • SPINS072-nn – iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro 9.7″
k-frame tablet enclosure insert

Samsung Galaxy

  • SPINS075-nn – Galaxy Tab S
  • SPINS099-nn – Galaxy Tab S2
  • SPINS043-nn – Galaxy Tab 3
  • SPINS064-nn – Galaxy Tab 4
  • SPINS086-nn – Galaxy Tab A
k-frame tablet enclosure insert

Something else?

  • SPINS108-nn – Archos 101 Xenon Lite
  • SPINS122-nn – BQ Edison 3
  • SPINS083-nn – CSL Panther Tab 10
  • SPINS107-nn – DELL VENUE 10 Pro
  • SPINS022-nn – HP ElitePad 900
  • SPINS087-nn – i.onik TW10.1
  • SPINS097-nn – i.onik W1001
  • SPINS120-nn – Lenovo Tab 2
  • SPINS082-nn – Linx 10
  • SPINS093-nn – Linx 1010
  • SPINS090-nn – Sony Xperia Z4 model SGP712
  • SPINS076-nn – Toshiba WT10

Step 3: Add a compatible mounting pole

Counter fixed

SpacePole fixed counter mount solutions are attached through a hole in the counter for stability and security.

Select Poles offer the latest modular mounting solutions for all SafeGuard tablet and M-Case products with a sleek, modern design aesthetic.

select pole curved fixed

Curved Select Pole – Fixed

select pole straight fixed

Straight Select Pole – Rotate Only

low select pole

Low Select Pole – Fixed

duratilt pole product

DuratTilt Pole – Tilt & Rotate

DuraTilt Flip – Tilt & Rotate

Counter freestanding

SpacePole freestanding counter mount solutions use a heavy, square shaped base to provide a solid mounting option that can still be moved around.

Select Poles offer the latest modular mounting solutions for all SafeGuard tablet and M-Case products with a sleek, modern design aesthetic.

select freestanding fixed

Freestand Select Pole – Rotate Only

Wall mounts

SpacePole wall mounting solutions offer flush and angled options so you can mount your device in the most optimum position anywhere.

Select Poles offer the latest modular mounting solutions for all SafeGuard tablet and M-Case products with a sleek, modern design aesthetic.

wall mount angled

Wall Mount – Angled

wall mount flush

Wall Mount – Flush

Floor stands

SpacePole floor stand mount solutions are designed to mount all tablet enclosures and other devices on a pole that is sleek, strong and convenient.

Select Poles offer the latest modular mounting solutions for all SafeGuard tablet and M-Case products with a sleek, modern design aesthetic.

floor stand fixed

Floor Stand Select Pole – Rotate Only

floor stand basic

Floor Stand Pole – DuraTilt

floor stand basic

Floor Stand Pole – DuraTilt Flip

floor stand basic

Floor Stand Pole – Fixed

POS mounts

SpacePole POS mounting solutions enable integration with a mobile payment device to work seamlessly in a retail or hospitality application.

pos stand black

POS Stand

pos stand black rotation

POS Stand – With Rotation

Essentials mounts

SpacePole Essentials mounts enable you to combine tablets or mobile payment devices with your existing SpacePole Essentials product workspaces.

swing arm pole mount

Swing arms
200, 300 or 400 mm

essentials elbow arm

Elbow arms
200, 300 or 400 mm

screen connection mount

Screen connections

Secure and protected tablet enclosure for public use

S-Frame allows for unattended use with its secure enclosure. Ideal for information points, product look up and self-check-in, S-Frame greatly increases the application options for your tablet device.

s-frame front hand touch
  • Modular/upgradable to new tablets
  • Retail hardened steel/aluminium construction
  • Internal cable management
  • Restricted access
  • Fully installed kiosk enclosure
  • Integrated Clicksafe locking feature
  • Lock on the front or back side of the frame
  • Aesthetic look and feel

Modular and upgradable

The tablet itself sits on a sleeve designed specifically for a wide range of popular tablet models within the body of the S-Frame enclosure. Should there be a technology re-fresh with a different tablet, it is simply the case of exchanging the sleeve rather than the entire enclosure.

s-frame components
s-frame lock technology

Secure lock technology

Built with the latest in screw-less secure barrel locking technology, the S-Frame offers security without losing the essential style and ease of use associated with tablets.

Use S-Frame across multiple applications

SafeGuard S-Frame provides a cost effective solution that leverages the unique possibilities tablet devices offer in a multitude of customer facing applications.


For Point of Sale

With over 20 years’ experience of the retail IT industry, Ergonomic Solutions are the experts in providing mounting solutions that leverage technology to provide the best customer experience whether at the traditional static or tablet-based point of sale. Our signature SpacePole product suite is the solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s leading retailers.


For Point of Payment

Payment transactions today are can be mobile, static and contactless. Fortunately, with over 2.5 million payment terminal mounting solutions in place, we understand the marketplace and the legislation that protects it. Wherever your organisation does business, we have a payment solution that will provide security for you AND your customer.


For Point of Service

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps are the enabler of the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. Our OpenSpace range of enclosures, sleds, frames and accessories provide a stable operating platform for a wealth of mobile and static tablet-based applications across many retail and hospitality scenarios.