SpacePole Payment – PIN entry & signature capture mounts

Our entire range of  SpacePole Payment mounts feature Multi Grip™ plates. These are easily upgradable thereby providing great return on investment. They are ergonomically designed for operator and customer usage alike, and fulfil recommended requirements for disability access. They also reflect and comply with the latest PCI physical security requirements including the latest directive, 9.9.


DuraTilt™ is a patented tilting joint that attaches to SpacePole™ offering smooth, flexible movement for payment devices. The tilting mechanism meets all recommended ergonomic requirements for disability access and reduces the need to remove the payment terminal from the stand. Tested through 250,000 cycles, DuraTilt has been proven in retail installations for over 12 years without the need for tightening or lubrication.

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SpacePole Stack

SpacePole Stack is a highly cost effective payment terminal mounting solution that reduces call outs, hardware failures and can protect against theft and data breaches. Constructed with glass fibre enhanced composites, the unit is of course compatible with our range of MultiGrip™ plates, and when used in conjunction with ClickSafe® security tethers, SpacePole Stack keeps the terminals safe from damage and theft and is in compliance with the latest PCI DSS directives on physical security at the Point of Payment.

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Low profile

The SpacePole Low Profile has been added to our payment solutions range and includes a 40 mm SpacePole as standard, allowing for a robust solution that offers customer-operator rotation, and is fully compatible with the MultiGrip™ plates.

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Mounting adapters

Mounting adapters include the new MultiClip NextGen universal payment mount adapter, and our MultiGrip plates that offer compatibility across all payment mounting solutions. Available for all manufacturer payment terminals, mounting adapters enable a unique system of mounting positions for any static payment environment. Mounting adapters securely hold the terminal in place and provide a secure PCI compliant solution when used with compatible locking functionality. Options are available with or without handle

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M-case mobile payment enclosures

The SafeGuard M-Case is a low profile protective casing that enables the mobile payment device to be secure and attached via a belt/pocket-clip (with retractable option), a neck lanyard (with safety release) or within a fixed application using our range of SpacePole Payment solutions.

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