Payment mounting solutions for signature capture, Chip & PIN and mobile devices

Whatever type of payment terminal you use, Ergonomic Solutions have trusted, proven, and secure mounting solutions for all static and mobile payment applications.

NEW SpacePole Stack™ Payment Solution

SpacePole Stack is a highly cost effective payment terminal mounting solution that reduces call outs, hardware failures and can protect against theft and data breaches. Constructed with glass fibre enhanced composites, the unit is of course compatible with our range of MultiGrip™ plates, and when used in conjunction with ClickSafe® security tethers, SpacePole Stack keeps the terminals safe from damage and theft and is in compliance with the latest PCI DSS directives on physical security at the Point of Payment.

stack poles
payment product range

Simple, easy to use payment mounts

SpacePole Payment solutions comply with all of the latest PCI requirements, including the latest 9.9 directive in terms of physical security. DuraTilt™, Light, Low Profile and MultiGrip™ provide flexible and adaptive mounting options for static payments with the M-Case protective enclosure ideal for the ever increasing range of mobile payments applications.


Configure your SpacePole Payment mount solution

As with our SpacePole Essentials range, simply choose your mount, select the appropriate MultiGrip plate for your payment device, and add ClickSafe security tether, and your solution is complete

Step 1: Choose your payment mount

duratilt pole product

DuraTilt solution

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Includes patented DuraTilt® technology
  • Rotates 210° from customer side to cashier side
  • Intelligently designed anti -wobble plastic sleeve
  • Fully compatible with Multi Grip™ plates and SpacePole ClickSafe®
  • Tested through 250,000 cycles
  • Ensures smooth operation of terminal
  • Internal cable management with plastic grommets and limited head rotation to protect cable
  • Comes with a five year warranty

Available as a complete payment solution that includes:

  • DuraTilt tilting mechanism
  • Counter mount pole
  • MultiGrip plate all major payment terminals

Or alternatively with as a DuraTilt system with MultiGrip plate to add into existing systems.

stack component

SpacePole Stack solution

  • Large top support for improved stability of payment terminals
  • Wider body for improved cable management
  • Compatible with MultiGrip™
  • Choose between two different heights, out of the box:
    • Height low range: 96mm/3.77’’
    • Height high range: 124mm/4.88’’
  • Competitive price point
  • Tilt: 70°
  • Rotation: 310°
  • Footprint: 101.4mm/3.99’’
  • Counter Mounting options:
    • Self-tapping screws
    • Self-adhesive pad
  • Added security options through ClickSafe®

Available as a complete payment solution that includes:

  • Height adaptor that adds 18mm or just over 1” for added flexibility
  • Counter mount pole
  • Your choice of MultiGrip plate – compatible with all major payment terminals
spacepole light pole product

SpacePole Light solution

  • The composite based alternative to standard SpacePole DuraTilt®
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Simple tilt mechanism
  • Rotates 310° from customer side to cashier side
  • Fully compati ble with Multi Grip™ plates and SpacePole ClickSafe®
  • The simple and retail proven design of SpacePole Light provides quality at a reduced price point
  • Tested through 100,000 cycles
  • Ensures smooth operation of terminal
  • Internal cable management
  • Comes with a two year warranty

Available as a complete payment solution that includes:

  • SpacePole light tilting mechanism
  • Counter mount pole
  • MultiGrip plate all major payment terminals
low profile pole product

Low profile solution

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Fixed tilt
  • Rotates 210° from customer side to cashier side
  • Fully compatible with Multi Grip™ plates and SpacePole ClickSafe®
  • Ensures smooth operation of terminal
  • Internal cable management with plastic grommets and limited head rotation
  • to protect cables
  • Comes with a five year warranty

Available as a complete payment solution that includes:

  • Low profile mount
  • Counter mount pole
  • MultiGrip plate all major payment terminals

Step 2: Add a MultiGrip plate to match your payment terminal & ClickSafe for security

multigrip verifone


MultiGrip plates to fit the following Verifone payment terminals:

  • IP800/EL-ME MPP-B833
  • Mx870
  • Omni 3750
  • SC5000
  • Secura
  • VIP500/EL-ME ST4000
  • Vx510
  • Vx520
  • Vx610
  • Vx680
  • Vx570
  • Vx810
  • Vx820
  • VX825
  • VX805
  • VX690
  • VX670
  • VX675
  • MX915/925
  • MX880
multigrip ingenico


MultiGrip plates to fit the following Ingenico payment terminals:

  • 3010/3050
  • 3070
  • 3300
  • 3380
  • 5100
  • 6500 (high or low base)
  • 6700 (high or low base)
  • 6550
  • 7900/5300
  • EFT 930
  • Flexi
  • iCT220
  • iSC350
  • iPP320/350
  • ML30
  • Monetal PP30S
  • iWL220/250/280
  • iSC250
  • iSC480
  • iPP480
  • iPP220
  • iCT250 Same plate as iCT220
  • FLEXI (Sagem)
multigrip atos

ATOS Worldline

MultiGrip plates to fit the following ATOS Worldline payment terminals:

  • Xenta
  • Xentissimo
  • Yomani
  • Yomova
multigrip spire


MultiGrip plates to fit the following Spire payment terminals:

  • SPp30
  • SPc50
payment multigrip something else

Something else?

We already support the following additional payment terminals, and our design and development team are able to produce MultiGrip plates for any payment terminal on the market.

  • Banksys Xenta (BAN301)
  • Banksys Xenta Merchant (BAN401)
  • Banksys Xentissimo (BAN601)
  • Banksys Yomani (BAN501)
  • Datecs MPED-400
  • Datecs MPED-400 (DATM401)
  • Gemalto C Series
  • Gemalto C Series (GEMA201)
  • Hypercom – Spire SPp30 (SPI030)
  • Hypercom – Thales Artema Hybrid (THA301)
  • Hypercom – Thales Artema S10 (THA901)
  • Hypercom – Thales B2-B3 (WYN211)
  • Hypercom – Thales H5000 (HFTS5001)
  • Hypercom – Thales HFTS S9 (HFTS901)
  • Hypercom – Thales L4100 (HFTS4101)
  • Hypercom – Thales L4150 (HFTS4151)
  • Hypercom – Thales L4200-4250 (HFTS4201)
  • Hypercom – Thales L5300 (HFTS5301)
  • Hypercom – Thales P2100 (HFTS181)
  • Hypercom – Thales T4200-4250 (HFTS4211)
  • Hypercom – Thales T4220-2.0 (HFTS4220)
  • Hypercom/Thales Artema Hybrid
  • Hypercom/Thales Artema S10
  • Hypercom/Thales B2/B3
  • Hypercom/Thales H5000
  • Hypercom/Thales ISC350
  • Hypercom/Thales L4100
  • Hypercom/Thales L4150
  • Hypercom/Thales L4200/4250
  • Hypercom/Thales L5300
  • Hypercom/Thales P2100
  • Hypercom/Thales S9
  • Hypercom/Thales SPp30
  • Hypercom/Thales T4200/4250
  • Hypercom/Thales T4220-2.0
  • ICP BIA (ICP501)
  • PAX SP50 (SPI050)
  • PAX Tec. Pax S80
  • REA T3
  • REA T3 (REA501)
  • Six Group Davinci
  • SIX Group Davinci (TELE101)
  • VIVOtech Vx570 & Omni 3750
  • XAC 8006
  • XAC 8006 (XAC8006)
clicksafe cables

ClickSafe security cables

The Dual Lock Curly Cable

The ClickSafe dual lock is designed specifically for our SpacePole mounting solutions. To install the solution you simply click the two locks onto the SpacePole anchor and the hardware anchor. A high carbon 7×19 curly steel cable, designed to combat cutting attacks, connects the two lockheads featuring patented Kensington design. The lockheads pivot through 180° and allow for 360° rotation around the cable providing exceptional flexibility.

The Single Lock Straight Cable

The single lock straight cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon tempered 7×7 steel straight cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The ClickSafe die cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.

Able to withstand the rigors of continuous use

As with all of our products, SpacePole payment solutions are designed with nearly twenty years of understanding of our core vertical markets. Built to the highest specification, they are the trusted solution for many of the world’s leading retail  organisations

High quality joint mechanism

The patented tilt technology contains 13 individual parts and tested through 250,000 cycles and proven in retail installations without the need for tightening or lubrication. Comes with a five year warranty.

duratilt high quality joint mechanism
duratilt flip tablet

DuraTilt Flip for tablet use

Designed specifically for tablet based applications, DuraTilt Flip, increases the tilt range allowing for the tablet to be flipped from the store associate to the customer if needed.


Use SpacePole by Ergonomic Solutions across multiple applications

SpacePole payment solutions are proven, robust and follow the latest PCI-DSS physical security best practice compliance directives. This includes the impending mandatory PCI 9.9 requirement. Ergonomic Solutions is the ONLY technology mounting solutions company to be an active participating member of the PCI Security Council.


For Point of Sale

With over 20 years’ experience of the retail IT industry, Ergonomic Solutions are the experts in providing mounting solutions that leverage technology to provide the best customer experience whether at the traditional static or tablet-based point of sale. Our signature SpacePole product suite is the solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s leading retailers.


For Point of Payment

Payment transactions today are can be mobile, static and contactless. Fortunately, with over 2.5 million payment terminal mounting solutions in place, we understand the marketplace and the legislation that protects it. Wherever your organisation does business, we have a payment solution that will provide security for you AND your customer.


For Point of Service

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps are the enabler of the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. Our OpenSpace range of enclosures, sleds, frames and accessories provide a stable operating platform for a wealth of mobile and static tablet-based applications across many retail and hospitality scenarios.