SpaceServ self service checkout solutions

The modularity of SpaceServ makes it easily customisable and thus suitable for multiple self-service applications, such as stand-alone kiosk info points or wall mounted pay stations as well as self-checkout, where, for example, a basket and bagging module is available.

spaceserv product range

SpaceServ configuration

Choose from our range of freestanding or wall mounted self service options with our without basket and bagging options to create a fully featured self service checkout point.

spaceserv wall mount product

Wall Mount

SpaceServ Wall Mount is the ideal solution for self-service pay stations and customer ordering points. Compact and stylish, the unit can provide a payment solution for many retail, commercial and governmental applications. Customers can scan and then pay utility bills and local council taxes using credit and debit cards and receive a receipt as proof of payment.

SpaceServ will also act as an ideal customer ordering point. The barcode of the requested item can be scanned to bring up a fully functional touch screen interface to enable the ordering process to be completed. In an environment where the virtual store is becoming ever more common, this is the perfect solution.

Suggested applications:

  • Customer ordering
  • Pay station
spaceserv freestanding podium product

Free Standing Podium

SpaceServ Free Standing Podium provides a range of self service applications. In a guided selling environment the unit is ideal as a fully interactive kiosk unit providing information on stock, pricing and delivery schedules. It is also applicable as an information point in a multitude of situations within the public sector. Where a payment solution is not necessary, this is the ideal product.

Suggested applications:

  • Guided selling
  • Stock management
  • Customer loyalty
spaceserv basket bagging product

Basket & Bagging

SpaceServ, when supplied with the basket and bagging components, is a fully functional self-checkout/scanning unit. With SpaceServ, the retailer can improve throughput and reduce shrinkage. Its modularity brings advantages where the retail space is limited or where a chain of stores have widely differing store formats. Its modularity and plug and play features ensure maximum flexibility whilst ensuring return on investment and longevity.

Suggested applications:

  • Self-checkout & self scanning
spaceserv basket bagging product


  • Shelf
  • Spacepole peripheral arms
  • Bag dispenser

Combine SpaceServ with existing SpacePole solutions

SpaceServ is specifically designed for use with the SpacePole range of products, the unit has a small footprint, making it ideal for environments where space is traditionally at a premium. Modular and easy to install, it is the ideal solutions for a range of customer operated in-store operations.

spaceserv bagging
  • 3 distinct product options
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Space Saving-Small footprint
  • Internal cable management
  • Cost effective
  • Branding opportunities
  • Full SpacePole peripheral options
  • Integrate modular technology
  • Retail hardened
  • Direct maintenance access
  • Simple hardware installation
  • Ergonomic design

Combine with payment or printer accessories

ClickSafe offers a range of mounting options from double lock utilising k-slot or selff-adhesive anchor points, to single locks with separate anchor point mounts that can be used in any location.

spaceserv payment
spaceserv scanner

Integrated barcode scanner for multiple applications

SpaceServ offers multiple opportunities for your business using the integrated barcode scanner.

Example applications include:

  • Customer ordering
  • Pay Station
  • Self checkout/Self Scanning
  • Customer loyalty (CRM)
  • Guided selling
  • Stock Management

Use SpaceServ across multiple applications

Adaptable and full of features, SpaceServ offers a cost effective self-service unit which will offer enhanced customer service across a wide range of application solutions.


For Point of Sale

With over 20 years’ experience of the retail IT industry, Ergonomic Solutions are the experts in providing mounting solutions that leverage technology to provide the best customer experience whether at the traditional static or tablet-based point of sale. Our signature SpacePole product suite is the solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s leading retailers.


For Point of Payment

Payment transactions today are can be mobile, static and contactless. Fortunately, with over 2.5 million payment terminal mounting solutions in place, we understand the marketplace and the legislation that protects it. Wherever your organisation does business, we have a payment solution that will provide security for you AND your customer.


For Point of Service

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps are the enabler of the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. Our OpenSpace range of enclosures, sleds, frames and accessories provide a stable operating platform for a wealth of mobile and static tablet-based applications across many retail and hospitality scenarios.